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Large Animal Services:

In-House Large Animal Services

Our facilities include holding and sorting pens and a For-most hydraulic chute for processing calves and pregnancy checking cows, as well as performing standing surgeries. This allows us to process cattle in all weather conditions quickly and safely with less stress for you and your animals. Our cattle working facility is modern and is kept sanitized and cleaned with your animal’s health and reduction of disease transmission in mind.

Bovine, Caprine and Ovine Reproductive Services

We provide pregnancy determination using a rectal ultrasound probe.

Bovine Breeding Soundness

One of the most valuable and often underutilized services available to producers is the bull breeding soundness exams (BSE). A BSE allows us to assess a bull’s potential breeding fitness.

Areas evaluated include:

●  Scrotal size and shape, and consistency

●  Sperm motility

●  Sperm morphology

●  Penis shape and size

●  Feet and legs

●  Body condition

Bulls make up half of the breeding herd and should be managed as carefully as the cow herd to insure a brief and productive calving season.

Equine Services:

Equine Reproductive Services

Ultrasounds can be performed both for pregnancy diagnosis and discernment of ovarian structures.

Equine Electronic Coggins Testing

We conduct Coggins testing using digital photographs of your horse utilizing Global Vet Link. This provides horse owners with both Coggins and health certificates that include color photographs of their horses. Owners can then access these reports at any time from a cell phone or computer. If you are needing a Coggins test for your horse, please call for an appointment. These new Coggins certificates include 3 color photos of your horse and can be accessed online and emailed to you, the minute the laboratory finishes the test. (see sample coggins certificate)

Equine Dental Care

We can provide comprehensive dental care for most equine needs. Power float equipment is used which aids correction of dental problems. All horses can benefit from annual dental examinations. Routine care can reduce the amount of tooth loss and may prolong a horse’s life-span. These services are offered at our clinic.

Digital Radiographs (X-rays)

We offer portable digital x-rays to help evaluate and diagnose lameness in our equine patients as well as catch early signs of disease for pre-purchase examinations. X-ray is also a great tool to help our farriers for corrective trimming and shoeing and can be done in-house or on-farm.